Jul 29, 2009

Design Process at Apple

Insights On Innovation. Apple thinks good design is a present. Pixel-perfect mockups are critical. 10 to 3 to 1. Paired design meetings. Brainstorm meeting. Production meeting. Pony meetings.

What else does Apple do differently? 1. Apple does not do market research. 2. Apple has a very small team who designs their major products. 3. Apple owns their entire system. 4. Apple focuses on a select group of products. 5. Apple has a maniacal focus on perfection.

So is it possible for you to innovate like Apple? You need a leader who prioritizes new product innovation. You need to focus. You need the right people, and you need to reward them.

Complete article at: You Can't Innovate Like Apple — By Alain Breillatt


synesius said...

I agree with the part about user research driving design to an extent, relying on it too heavily breeds mediocrity, but, to cut it out entirely would be a big mistake.