May 20, 2009

Wrong Update Notification

Dear OOo guys,

don't know if you have noticed yet, but the update notification mechanism does not work properly. It continuously informs me on new updates – while in fact there are none available. Furthermore, the menu bar icon never goes away.

I assume this is not the intended behaviour. I hope you agree and fix this. Issue filed: 102098

PS_ deleting the file user/LibraryApplication Support/ solves the problem.

May 18, 2009

IA Konferenz 2009 /links

The Information Architecture Konferenz 2009 took place in Hamburg last weekend. Here are some links...

May 14, 2009


Beat Signer on PowerPoint Multimedia Presentations in Computer Science Education: What Do Users Need? /30' video at TU Graz

Structured interviews with 9 faculty members of ETH Zurich lead to the following desired features

  • Highlighting and annotating slide content
  • Use blank "sheets"
  • Use video controls
  • Use system mobile
  • Orientate efficiently within slide collection
  • See content of current and nearby slides

Idea for PaperPoint: Use Anoto pen on hand-out of presentation to control the slide show. Very nice!

Publication: PaperPoint: a paper-based presentation and interactive paper prototyping tool. In: Tangible and embedded interaction. Proceedings of the 1st international conference on Tangible and embedded interaction

May 11, 2009

Nailing a Pudding

Have you ever wondered how to nail a pudding to the wall? I guess I figured it out: --- freeze the pudding first! Have fun!